Foie Gras (Goose) - Torchon 500g

Renowned for its sweetness, our cloth-wrapped goose Foie Gras, will give you an experience of smoothness like no other.

Made from reared and fattened geese following ancient traditional methods, our cloth-wrapped Foie Gras is an exceptional dish to share during special moments with friends and family. Its mere presence immediately brings a festive air to any meal.

Pasteurized at heats reaching less than 100° Celsius, our cloth-wrapped Foie Gras will keep for several months in the refrigerator retaining its smoothness and all the aromas of freshly worked liver.

Silky in the mouth, constant in its fullness on the palate, our cloth-wrapped Foie Gras exalts its flavours best when served chilled on a slice of lightly toasted brioche accompanied by a spoonful of one of our delicious Confits.

Foie Gras