Welcome to Kingdom Fine Foods Wholesale. We’re proud to partner with discerning business owners throughout the European Union, including retailers, restaurants, specialty shops and many others. We take great pride in delivering the freshest, most authentic fine foods, sourced sustainably, and delivered promptly.

We offer the delectable, exquisite foods your patrons desire – from the most exotic caviar and caviar blends to fish roe, goose and duck foie gras, the finest spices, and a great deal more. All of our products are shipped quickly, right to your door, saving you time, money and hassle.

Our quality is second to none, and our prices are the lowest available. Of course, our service is also top-notch, and we believe you’ll agree. Ready to learn more about why Kingdom Fine Foods should be your fine foods wholesaler? We invite you to contact us today.


Why Partner with Kingdom Fine Foods Wholesale?

Why consider working with Kingdom Fine Foods? We can think of quite a few reasons. Our selection of fine foods is outstanding, whether you’re looking to buy caviar at wholesale prices, add foie gras to your menu or shop offerings, introduce your customers to the incredible richness of Kamchatka king crab, or something else. Take a moment and learn why Kingdom Fine Foods Wholesale is the right choice for your needs.


Our Selection of Fine Foods

When it comes to fine foods, selection is of paramount importance. We understand this implicitly, which is why we carry a full range of delectable options, including the following:

  • Caviar: Exotic, creamy, nutty – caviar has been considered one of the finest foods for a very long time. It has also become difficult to source due to species reduction and environmental protection measures. We work with industry-leading fish farmers dedicated to protecting both sturgeon species worldwide and the environment, while offering the finest caviars and caviar blends. From beluga caviar to our sumptuous Imperial Gold and Baerii Royal Select options, you can buy caviar at wholesale prices and offer your customers the quality and flavour they demand.
  • Fish Roe: With options including salmon roe and harrus, as well as more exotic fish roes, like tobikko and masago, you’ll love our selection. We offer the freshest fish roe on the market, delivered right to your door daily.
  • King Crab: There’s nothing quite like authentic Kamchatka king crab. The buttery flavour, the sweetness, the texture of the meat – it simply can’t be replicated. We ensure you have a reliable supply of authentic king crab for your discerning patrons.
  • Foie Gras: Foie gras has been considered one of the most exalted of fine foods for centuries. We offer both traditional goose foie gras, as well as duck foie gras to delight your customers. Don’t forget our selection of incomparable confits, as well.
  • Fine Spices: From authentic Madagascar vanilla to true Iranian saffron, we offer access to a wide range of the finest spices on the market. Whether for use in your own restaurant, for resale to chefs, or for sale to private individuals, you’ll love our selection of spices and seasonings.

In addition to our selection of fine foods, there are many other reasons to choose Kingdom Fine Foods as your wholesale partner. Contact us today to learn first-hand why so many of our customers come back time and again.  


Our Commitment to Freshness

At Kingdom Fine Foods, we understand the importance of freshness in our fine foods. The fresher the product, the longer it will last, and the happier your customers will be. We pride ourselves on offering only the freshest of fine foods, guaranteed to provide the longest life possible. This ensures you are able to maximise the return on your investment, while simultaneously guaranteeing your customers the highest-quality product available. Our expedited shipping and unique partnerships enable us to deliver fine foods fresher than you might imagine possible. Learn more about how we guarantee freshness – contact us today.


Rewards for Partnering with Us

Every partnership should be mutually beneficial. At Kingdom Fine Foods Wholesale, we understand that, and offer unique discounts to our B2B customers. Whether you’re a buyer for a restaurant, a private chef, manage an estate, or run a retail store, we want to reward you for your patronage. Our discount program ensures that you are able to source the freshest fine foods, while spending less. It’s our gift to you. Get in touch with us to learn about our discounts.


Our Commitment to Ongoing Quality

Let’s be honest. All too often, “fine food” isn’t really so fine. It’s often lacking in freshness, and the quality is sometimes low. In other instances, a supplier might “hook” you in with high-quality fine foods, but then change providers and begin supplying you with lower-quality foods. Rest assured that will never happen with Kingdom Fine Foods Wholesale.

We understand the importance of quality, and of consistent quality. Your customers or patrons come to you because they want to experience the same level of quality and service each time. We believe that concept extends to your suppliers, meaning that it is our responsibility to deliver you quality products, time after time. You’ll be pleased to discover that our fine foods are consistently of the same quality and calibre. You never need to worry that your next shipment will be a disappointment. Contact us today to learn how we ensure quality with each and every order.


Always in Stock

It’s incredibly frustrating to find a product that you like, and your customers love, only to have the supplier not keep it in stock on a regular basis. We guarantee this will never happen with Kingdom Fine Foods.

We take a great deal of pride in ensuring that our products are always in stock. That means you can rest assured that you’ll always be able to provide your customers or diners with the fine foods they love, and keep them coming back to you time and again. Learn more about how we guarantee our fine foods are always in stock when you need them.


Competitive Pricing and Expedited Delivery

Fine foods shouldn’t bankrupt your business. You should be able to provide your customers, diners or patrons with the highest quality fine foods, the freshest, most delectable options, without spending a fortune in the process. We price our products reasonably. In fact, you’ll discover that our prices are amongst the lowest on the market. We do this to ensure that you’re able to satisfy your customers, and pass along the savings.

At Kingdom Fine Foods, we don’t stop with low pricing and guaranteed freshness. We also offer expedited delivery. When you order from us, rest assured that our network of FedEx partners will have your order delivered to your door as quickly as possible, generally within just 24 to 48 hours. We believe that it’s crucial for our customers to receive their fine foods as quickly as possible in order to maximise freshness, flavour and quality. Discover how we can offer the lowest prices and how our expedited shipping works by getting in touch with us today.

Ready to experience fine foods the way they were they were meant to be? Choose Kingdom Fine Foods Wholesale as your fine food specialist. Whether you’re a restaurant buyer, shopping for an estate, or stocking the shelves in your gourmet food store, we deliver delectable options, quickly, and with the utmost in freshness.

Contact us today or browse our online catalogue to learn more about our selection.