Iranian Beluga Caviar (Huso Huso)

Derived from the famous Huso Huso sturgeon, the Beluga Caviar is absolutely incomparable quality.

Now endangered, this noble sturgeon has its home in the waters of the Caspian Sea. It is the source of most exclusive Beluga caviar and has become the most prestigious.

Since the ban on fishing wild Huso Huso sturgeon it was thought impossible to reach the heights of quality that we once knew. However, experts took on the challenge and developed farms on the shores of the Caspian Sea and with their incredible skills and relentless perseverance the production of Beluga caviar has now reached the standards to which this rare sturgeon had previously allowed us to become accustomed us to.

So, ensuring only the very best selections and strict controlling its freshness, it is with great pride that we offer this exceptional caviar.


Issu du célèbre esturgeon Huso Huso, le Caviar Beluga est d’une qualité absolument incomparable.

Aujourd’hui en voie d’extinction, ce noble esturgeon se trouve dans les eaux de la mer Caspienne. Il est la source du caviar beluga le plus exclusif et le plus prestigieux.

Depuis l'interdiction de la pêche de l’esturgeon Huso Huso sauvage, on croyait presque impossible d’atteindre les sommets de qualité que l ‘on connaissait. Les experts ont cependant relevé le défi et développé sur les rives de la mer Caspienne, la production d’un caviar Beluga qui atteint les standards auxquels ce rare esturgeon nous a acoutumés.

C’est donc avec une extrême fierté que nous vous proposons ce caviar d’exception.